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Modec motors have been used for almost 30 years for many heavy duty applications, particularly in the chemical, petrochemical and automotive industries.

Valve Assist from modec is a range of portable power tools designed to take the hard work out of operating manual valves. Valves can become difficult to operate for a number of reasons. Mostly due to long periods where the valve is never operated. During this time, the moving parts within deteriorate. Lubrication dries up and corrosion may set in.

Modec’s technical expertise and commercial flexibility enable us to develop and provide innovative, robust and powerful motors and solutions such as portable valve actuators, tapping machines and nut runners in a short and reliable time frame.

Carefully assembled by our experienced workers in our factory based in Valence (South East of France), made of parts designed by our engineers and manufactured by thoroughly selected French and European suppliers, our products offer the highest quality standards.

Type of products:
  • Pneumatic portable valve actuator
  • Gas Type portable valve actuator
  • Electric portable valve actuator
  • Battery-powered portable valve actuator

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