EXEN (former Hayashi Vibrator Co., Ltd) was established in 1915 with the dream of becoming an automobile manufacture by Shigeki Hayashi (1884-1978), after many years of chasing the automotive ideal - its company's direction, design and technology changed and moved into the construction market and completed the very first Japanese-made concrete vibrators in 1934. Still today stand as the world leader for construction, precast concrete consolidating technology and the vibrators used for it.

Although EXEN took pride in being the worlds leading supplier of the highest concrete vibrator technology adapted during the past three quarters of a century, it revealed to us that technology of the equipment design must be unified with construction process of placing and vibrating concrete efficiently and effectively to insure the safest construction possible.

Type of products:
  • Pneumatic Air Knocker
  • Pneumatic Blaster
  • Ball Vibrator
  • Vibration Motor
  • Magnetic Seperator 

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