Valve Interlocking System


Alcatraz designs and manufactures interlock systems that safeguard critical installations. Each system is based on our patented key and lock design, which eliminates the chance of human error.

With an Alcatraz Interlock System, the operator must follow a predetermined sequence by means of a mechanical coded key transfrer. Our system can safeguard even the most complex operating sequences.

Alcatraz has successfully deployed systems in the oil & gas, chemical and offshore industries.

Type of products:
  • Lever operated valve interlocks
  • Motor operated valve interlocks
  • Actuators (Electrical) Interlocks
  • Gear operated valve interlocks
  • Quarter turn worm gear interlocks
  • Clean room valve interlocks
  • Rotary switches interlocks
  • Pig launcher / receiver interlock (Door Closure)
  • Instrument valve interlocks

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