Corporate Philosophy

Trust and Integrity
We build strong, mutually trusting relationships with customers, vendors and employees through honesty and fairness. We judge our success based on the longevity of these relationships.

Customer Service
We recognize that our success comes from “Total Customer Satisfaction,” giving customers solutions in a responsive and professional manner, and always honouring our commitments.

Fairness to Vendors
We believe in being completely fair with everyone. This means lowest quotes result in purchase orders. We believe in paying on time. We want to be each vendor’s best customer.

We ensure that safety is a continuing priority for our customers, field crews and everyone who supports them. REALTEC management is committed to the Health and Safety of its employees, the general public and the protection of the Environment. REALTEC believes that healthy and safe practices are part of and the key to the provision of Quality Service.

Support for Our People
We aim to hire and keep the best. We provide a positive environment, help employees develop their careers through training and challenging opportunities, and offer a share in the success of the business.

Sound Business Judgment
We make decisions based on sound planning and management practices, which sustain the financial strength and profitability, necessary to be a leader in our industry.